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What are Bathroom Fitters and Where Can I Find One in Alderley Edge?

Bathroom Fitters in Alderley EdgeFrom showers to bathtubs to toilets and storage units, bathroom fitters install and repair almost aspects of a bathroom. Here is where you can find one in Alderley Edge.

One of the most functional places in our homes, bathrooms are used every day and thus have deal with a lot of wear and tear. Whether you are remodelling an old family bathroom or looking to install a luxury bathroom design, finding the right bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge is crucial to get the work done. So, what are bathroom fitters and where can you find one in Alderley Edge? All this will be revealed below.

Definition of Bathroom Fitters

As mentioned above, bathroom fitters can install almost aspects of a bathroom. Trained professional, bathroom fitters take care of it all from planning and designing the bathroom to manufacturing, and installing it at the facility. Following are some of the responsibilities assumed by bathroom fitters or bathroom installers in Alderley Edge:

  • Measuring the areas to work out according to the layout and design plans
  • Removing old units and suites
  • Marking the location of hidden pipes and cables
  • Measuring and cutting surfaces, recesses and joints
  • Fitting units and appliances
  • Tiling walls and laying flooring
  • Clearing away debris at the end of the job

Generally, a bathroom installation service employs people who have qualifications in jobs such as plumbing, joinery and electrical installation as well as in related trade such as plastering, tiling or cabinet making. This provides people with the surety that their bathroom is in safe and capable hands, allowing them to go on about their business without any worries or concerns while the bathroom is being installed or remodelled.


What Services Can They Provide?

So, you know the definition of bathroom fitters but what service can they provide you? Knowing this before you start your search for bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge will help you to shortlist the ‘right candidates’. First, you need to understand that bathrooms are far from simple and while bathroom installation may appear easy on paper, it is anything but.

This is the reason you need the help of a professional in both bathroom installation and bathroom design. Unless you have adequate experience, any savings that you make installing or designing the bathroom yourself will come at the cost of quality. And, this lack of quality will cost you in the long run—much more than what you saved with the DIY job. So really, hiring a bathroom fitter in Alderley Edge for your bathroom installation and design needs is a no brainer.

Taking help from bathroom fitters can not only ensure a professional bathroom installation, it can also help revive your bathroom or its inhabitants. So, what are things you can hire bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge for? You can hire them for the following jobs:

Bathroom Fitting and Installation

Installation is probably the most difficult part about bathrooms. You can try to arrange the bathroom fitting yourself, but you will need expertise of different trades to complete the job, something you are unlikely to have. So, what is the next best option? It is hiring a professional bathroom installation service.

Through qualified bathroom fitters, the bathroom installation service will provide with a professional and thorough bathroom installation job. Generally, the process works like this. You agree a design and specification with the bathroom fitters and they quote you a price for the job. Next, a survey is carried out by the service at the installation site and then the complete installation specification which includes the terms of the contact is sent to you.

Depending on the complexity of job, the bathroom installation and fitting can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to complete. From plumbing to carpentry to plastering and electrical work, all work is carried out by experts of the trade.

Bathroom Fitter - Home Job Selector

Bathroom Remodel and Renovation

Bathroom fitters can help you transform your bathroom by performing a renovation or remodelling job on it. From installing new faucets to upgrading your flooring and bathtub, the professionals can do it all. They realize that even the smallest items can impact your project and thus offer services such as installation of bathroom fixtures and new mirrors, drywall repair and new paint job.

Fixture Installation and Repair

Are your bathroom fixtures needs attention? If yes, then you’d do well to call in a professional bathroom installation service right away. Bathroom fitters can fulfil your fixture installation and repair needs whether you want to upgrade your faucet and showerhead or want to add new light fixtures.

The fitters can add the perfect touch to your bathroom, giving it that elegant, complete look that you always wanted. Often, it is possible to repair any fixtures that aren’t working properly. The bathroom installation service will identify, and then repair the damaged fixtures.

Bathroom Installation in Alderley Edge


Notice bad caulking in your tub? Is water dripping under or floors or behind your walls? If yes then you may be facing serious wood and wallboard damage. Not only that, you are also likely to witness leaking in your basement or downstairs ceiling. If that is the case, waste no time to call in professional bathroom fitters that offer caulking services. The professionals will stop water damage from occurring, protect your bathroom against mould and mildew and restore the look of your tub.

Showerhead Servicing

Does your showerhead leak or lack pressure? If yes, then bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge can help solve your problem. How will they do that? By fixing clogs, leaks or any other issues with your shower head. By getting your showerhead service, you can save money on replacement and installation. The bathroom installation service will inspect your showerhead, identify the problem and provide you with the required repair service. Moreover, if replacing the showerhead is required, then the professionals will ensure that too.

Shower Door Installation and Repair

Have a damaged shower door, or one that needs an upgrade? Then call in professional bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge right away. In no time at all, the professional bathroom installation service can successfully install a shower door or restore it to its hinges or track. Additionally, the professionals can take care of water leaking from your shower door onto the floor or around your bathroom.

Toilet Repair and Installation

Is your old toilet affecting your overall bathroom design? If yes, then it may be time for you to replace your toilet. To ensure it is functional and complements the look of your bathroom, bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge can install a new toilet in your bathroom in a professional way. Moreover, they are equipped to deal with minor toilet issues and provide effective repairs such as replacing a flush valve to adding a new wax ring.

Tile Repair and Installation

Have a chipped tile in your shower? Want to add a new design to your bathroom? Then call in professional bathroom installation service for the job. A bathroom installer can install new tiles throughout your bathroom or repair broken tiles to give your bathroom the look you long desired. The bathroom fitters have a team of experts in the repair, installation and restoration of all types of tiles.

Drywall Repair and Finishing

Bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge can inspect your drywall and address any repairs that may be required in your bathroom. A variety of factors including moisture, leaking water etc. can cause damage to your drywall. The professionals can deal with all problems for you. The drywall repairs and finishing provided by the bathroom installation service blend seamlessly with your space, giving your bathroom a fresh new look.

Bathroom Fitter - Home Job Selector

Bathroom Fan Installation and Repair

A simple bathroom fan can help prevent mould, mildew or other damage from spreading in your bathroom. Who can provide with that fan? Yes, you guessed right: professional bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge. With a new bathroom fan installation or by even getting your existing fan repaired, you can improve circulation in your bathroom, which will help prevent the build-up of mould or mildew in your bathroom.

Vanity and Bathroom Mirror Installation

Last but not the least, professional bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge can provide you with vanity and bathroom mirror installation. While a DIY in this case is possible, installing a new vanity and mirror is best left to the professionals. This tricky installation will be handled expertly by a professional bathroom installation service. In addition to the installation of the vanity and bathroom mirror, the bathroom installers can expertly deal with the removal and disposal of your current vanity/mirror and prepare the space for new installations.

Bathroom Installation in Alderley EdgeWhere can I Find Bathroom Fitters in Alderley Edge?

So, you know how bathroom fitters can help you, but where can you find one in Alderley Edge. You can find them on Yolex—a website that makes it easy to find local experts, who specialize in exactly the type of work you need done. One you complete the short form on the site, Yolex will find the best local bathroom installers and you can then choose the best expert depending on the quotes they give you.

The service is totally free to consumers. With that clear, you may want to know how you can choose a reliable and experienced bathroom installation service in Alderley Edge. If that is the case, then continue reading to get answers.

How to Choose a Bathroom Installation Service?

Using Yolex, you shortlist bathroom fitters in the area that match your criteria. Now what? How do you choose from them? You can make the process simple by using the following tips to choose a professional bathroom installation service:

Start with Research

Once Yolex provides you with best bathroom fitters in your area, do some research on your own to determine which among them is best for you. Taken into consideration your specific needs and most importantly, your budget. Once you do that, you’ll find it easy to choose a suitable bathroom installation service.

Look Out for Experience as Well as Accreditations

As with any job, you will many bathroom fitters willing to take on your bathroom installation or bathroom design job.Part of your job is to distinguish the specialists from the rest. Look for bathroom fitters with experience in the specific bathroom installation/design job you want performed. Find out if the service has the necessary skills and tools required to perform the job.

Also, talk to the bathroom installer themselves to find out if they have performed similar jobs to the one you have planned. Request pictures or other evidence of any similar work they have done in the past.

Another important thing to look for is accreditations. It is important that the service choose has the required accreditations to perform the job you have planned. An accreditation that you should look for is The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation accreditation.

Ensure their Familiarity with the Regulations

This is important, especially if your bathroom installation involves electrical work such as changing lighting or installing a new power shower. To ensure the safety of your bathroom and home, ensure that the bathroom installer you choose is certified for safety by the building control department of your local authority and is registered with a body qualified to issue safety certificate for the job you want performed. This is in your own best interest.

In addition to the above, look for follow up services and flexible working hours when choosing a bathroom installation service in Alderley Edge. Experienced and professional bathroom fitters can install and repair almost aspects of a bathroom. If you’re looking for bathroom fitters in Alderley Edge, then visit us today!

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